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A HEART IN BROKEN LOVE By : Vinolia Mega Putri (Finalis LCP Batch 3)


 A broken heart is the worst It’s like having broken ribs Nobody can see it But the pain is unbearable every time I breathe

Behind my smile is a broken heart Behind my laugh I’m falling apart Behind my eyes were tears at night Behind my body there was a soul trying to fight

You broke my heart But I still love you with all the pieces We started with a simple hello But ended with a complicated goodbye

Sometimes I wish I were a little kid again The wound on the knee is easier to heal Than broken hearts

Meeting you is the best and worst time I ever have Because you tell me a happiness And leave me with sadness.

I have a thousand reasons To stick with you However, you have a thousand reasons To leave me

I wish I could hurt you the way you hurt me So you can imagine how fragile I was when you decided to leave Almost the same as a tree that was forced to fall

Pasuruan, 10 March 2021

Author Biodata

Vinolia Mega Putri, a 15-year-old teenager as a grade 9 student at the SMP Negeri 1 Pandaan educational institution, having her address at Randupitu Village, Gempol District, Pasuruan Regency. A-liaa is a familiar greeting in the world of literature and language. For an introduction or a more familiar conversation, please contact via e-mail or Whatsapp 0858-0644-0905 or Instagram @a_liaaaaa.

269 komentar

  1. Oh wow.
    I can feel that
  2. Great job A-liaa!!
  3. Sukses sllu ya...bravo
  4. Sukses terus yaa.. Semangatt
  5. Ouh? It's you?
  6. Selalu semangat ya.semoga sukses
  7. Keren puisinya👍👍👍
  8. Hello A-liaa. You remember me? Nara Kim Your fans from ilsan are here. I was shocked when someone shared this link with me. And I read. I am moved. May good things come to you. I hope you still remember me haha. Wish you all the best in your competition
  9. Good luck dear. Thank you for the words of the poem. Really represents my feelings
  10. Good poetry!👍
  11. Good Luck A-liaa Mega(≧▽≦)
  12. good luck Mega (。♡‿♡。)
  13. Good luck ^o^
  14. Felt that...
    Anw, Good luck, Mega ^^
  15. puisinya keren bangeet👏semangat trus ya kak-!💜💜
  16. Very cool
  18. Very cool,Good Job Mega:)
  19. I know you can get it, so good luck to you
  20. ༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽
    So pretty
  21. Ya! You can did It! Fighting!!
  22. Hello Min Yoongi 🤣
  23. Be the winner ya🤧
  24. oh waw
  25. Just savage
  26. To mantan..
    Apa kamu merasakan huwe huwe
  27. Dateng ke link dalam rangka satu server sama judul
  28. Mwahahaha jangan berpura pura ga tau artinya
  29. Ngerasain banget
  30. Coba chat mantan..
    "Hai beb, nih aku punya persembahan"
  31. Pengen puisinya
  32. fighting ya!!
  33. My heart is boom boom
  34. it's okay. Life goes on
  35. Like an arrow
    In the blue sky
  36. Bravah bravah
  37. Yo're my tear😭
  38. Yeah yeah yeah burn It!!
    Bakar para mantan
  39. Mau lanjutin
    "On my pillow
    On my table~
    Yeah life goes on
    Like this again "
  40. Next!
    "I remember yeah"
  41. It's international Competition right?
  42. Oh jinjja!? 👑
  43. Good Luck A-liaa!! ^^
  44. good luck mega!!!
  45. Good luck
  46. Good luck!
  47. bravo!!
  48. good luck. wish u all the best
  49. wow, congratulations, continue to create your work and show your achievements
  50. Wow A-liaa. You have come this far
  51. Hi A-liaa. How are you? Hope everything will be fine. this beautiful poem I hope not just this once you make it ok? haha cheer up !!
  52. simple but deep
  53. thank you everyone!!
  54. Fighting for today!!
  55. can you be the winner for me?
  56. good luck dear
  57. thank for your support yay
  58. it's still new wow
  59. Good luck babe
  60. good luck too
  61. good luck sayang
  62. Brilliant waw
  63. good luck
  64. Why so beautiful? like you
  65. Good luck Mega !!
  66. A-liaa fighting!!!
  67. Semangat ya adek
  68. Uwa terimakasih..
  69. yoongi's wife
  70. lumayan tambahan bacaan
  71. Are you okay when you write those sentences?
  72. If not. You can tell me your problem
  73. I'll help. Maybe with you telling it, you can rest easy
  74. And I'm willing to be a good listener
  75. 망설인다는 걸 알아 진심을 말해도
  76. 결국 다 흉터들로 돌아오니까
  77. 힘을 내란 뻔한 말은 하지 않을 거야
  78. 난 내 얘길 들려줄게 들려줄게
  79. 내가 뭐랬어
  80. 이길 거랬잖아
  81. 믿지 못했어 정말
  82. 이길 수 있을까
  83. 이 기적 아닌 기적을
  84. 우리가 만든 걸까
  85. 난 여기 있었고
  86. 니가 내게 다가와준 거야
  87. I do believe your galaxy
  88. 何故 こんなにも
  89. 涙が溢れるの
  90. good luck liaa!!!
  91. ねぇ 側にいて
  92. そして笑ってよ
  93. I love your poetry 🥰🥰🥰
  94. Yang disebut labirin cinta
  95. Something about broken love
  96. It's fake love
  97. You did It so well Mega. Congrats
  98. And good luck again
  99. Ready for today!!!
  100. Meeting you is the best time I ever have
  101. でも誰かを救える気もするんだ
  102. 이 다음 가사 음
  103. 뭐라고 쓸까 음
  104. 너무 많은 말이 날 돌지만
  105. 내 마음 같은 게 하나 없어
  106. 그냥 느껴져
  107. 해가 뜨고 나면 꼭 달이 뜨듯이
  108. 손톱이 자라듯, 겨울이 오면
  109. 나무들이 한 올 한 올 옷을 벗듯이
  110. 넌 나의 기억을 추억으로 바꿀 사람
  111. 사람을 사랑으로 만들 사람
  112. 널 알기 전
  113. 내 심장은 온통 직선뿐이던 거야
  114. good luck for me too
  115. I'm learning how to love myself
  116. 눈을 뜬다 어둠 속 나
  117. 심장이 뛰는 소리 낯설 때
  118. 마주 본다 거울 속 너
  119. 겁먹은 눈빛 해묵은 질문
  120. I'll show you what i got
  121. You've shown me I have reasons
    I should love myself
  122. I'm learning how to love myself
  123. 어쩌면 누군가를
  124. 사랑하는 것보다
  125. 더 어려운 게 나 자신을
  126. 사랑하는 거야
  127. 솔직히 인정할 건 인정하자
  128. 니가 내린 잣대들은
  129. 니 삶 속의 굵은 나이테너에게 더 엄격하단 걸
  130. 그 또한 너의 일부 너이기에
  131. 이제는 나 자신을
  132. 용서하자 버리기엔
  133. 우리 인생은 길어
  134. 미로 속에선 날 믿어
  135. 겨울이 지나면
  136. 다시 봄은 오는 거야
  137. 차가운 밤의 시선
  138. 초라한 날 감추려
  139. 몹시 뒤척였지만
  140. 저 수많은 별을
  141. 맞기 위해 난 떨어졌던가
  142. 저 수천 개 찬란한
  143. 화살의 과녁은 나 하나
  144. 魅惑的な Moon light
  145. 今宵も眠らない
  146. 月明かりを頼りに
  147. 君の元へ Hide and seek
  148. 心へと忍びこんで 君の間近
  149. 近づくのさ いつの間にか
  150. 穢れを知らないな
  151. その瞳はダイヤ
  152. どんな宝石よりも Beautiful
  153. 何度も見惚れてしまうほど
  154. 君から目離せない No more
  155. 時計の針さえ 動きを止めるよ
  156. Twinkling starlight
  157. Building with blinking light
  158. goodluck adee
  159. We're shining brightly
  160. In our own rooms, in our own star
  161. One light is ambition
  162. Some light is rebellion
  163. This dark night Don't be lonely
    Like stars We shine
  164. Some light is rebellion
    People's lights
    All are precious
    This dark night (Don't be lonely)
    Like stars (We shine)
    Don't disappear
    'Cause you're a big existence
    Let us shine
  165. Perhaps the reason this night looks so beautiful
    Is not because of these stars or lights, but us
  166. You got me
    I dream while looking at you
  167. I got you
    Inside those pitch black nights
  168. The lights we saw in each other
  169. Were saying the same thing
  170. Starlight that shines brighter in the darkest night
  171. keep spirit yaa
  172. Starlight that shines brighter in the darkest night
    The deeper the night, the brighter the starlight
  173. One history in one person
    One star in one person
    7 billion different worlds
    Shining with 7 billion lights
    7 billion lives, the city's night view
  174. Is possibly another city's night
  175. Our own dreams, let us shine
  176. You shine brighter than anyone else
  177. Perhaps the reason this night looks so beautiful
    Is not because of these stars or lights, but us
  178. City lights, this city's star
    I remember the night sky I saw when I was young
  179. Where people are light
    Where people are stars
    In this place full of where
    People are lights
    We shinin'
  180. I think I lost again
    You look mad
    In a blur, game over over over
  181. If this was truly a game
    I could probably just load up again
    I guess I gotta
    Deal with this, deal with this
    Real world
  182. It’d be better actually, if this was really a game
    Because It pains me so much
  183. I need to heal my medic
    But I’m another star
  184. I blame myself who couldn’t be perfect
  185. Brake in my head
    Brake in my step, always
  186. I wanted to do well
    I wanted to make you smile..
  187. A remedy that will make my heart beat again
  188. It’s ok but it’s not ok
  189. I told myself I was familiar with it
  190. It always hurts like it’s the first time
  191. A lacking gamer, you’re right, you can’t control me
  192. I keep hurting cause of my repeated mistakes and
    50 thousand other things
  193. My song lyrics, my one body gesture
  194. All of my words become afraid of my jamais vu
  195. And try to escape. But still, you grab it
  196. My shadow becomes bigger
    My life and you equal(=)sign
  197. So my remedy is your remedy
  198. 널 위해서라면 난 슬퍼도 기쁜 척 할 수가 있었어
  199. 널 위해서라면 난 아파도 강한 척 할 수가 있었어
  200. 사랑이 사랑만으로 완벽하길
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