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My Heart My Wound Oleh : Fitri Yusmia Putri (Finalis LCP Batch 3)


As me travel on life’s way

Above the clouds there’s a bright blue sky

But all are not happy

And happiness can go away

The tears stream down my face

Ever felt so alone

I want you come here

And lie there in my space

Wound is my stake

Wounds continue to haunt me

My heart is burning with false hope

I was crushed by time

Scratches infiltrated is istently

Tears fell erratically

I’m crushed erratically

In my heart, wound turn happy

Trenggalek, 23 February 2021

Author Biodata

Fitri Yusmia Putri, a woman who was born on December 1, 2003, is still in high school and has liked poetry since grade 4 of elementary school and lives in Rt: 24 / Rw: 07 Ngadisuko Village, Durenan District, Trenggalek Regency, East Java Province. Fitri, her daily calls can be contacted via email or Whatsapp 082232910618 Fitri is also active in social media with an Instagram account @fitriyusmia.

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