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Guide For The International Poetry Writing Competition with Theme "Free"




 By Event Menulis Nasional

 A. General Terms and Conditions

 1. This competition is open to GENERAL without age limit.
 2. It is also open to Indonesian citizens (WNI) both living in Indonesia and abroad or foreign nationals (WNA).
 3. The theme of this competition is "FREE". This means that participants are given the freedom to write on any theme, any genre.

 B. How to Register

 1. Pay the competition contribution in the amount of:
1 Poetry = IDR 10,000
2 Poems = IDR17.000
3 Poems = IDR 25,000
4 Poems = IDR32.000
5 Poems = IDR40.000

082289053107 a.n Event Menulis Nasional

8905668168 a.n Ardy Nugraha

5600-0101-2291-53-1 a.n Ardy Nugraha

1220571454 a.n Ardy Nugraha

Indonesian Islamic Bank
 7148680862 a.n Ardy Nugraha

 If you use Paypal, the competition contribution fee is:
 1-2 Poetry Title = 1 $
 3-4 Poetry Titles = 2 $
 5 Poetry Titles = 3 $
 To Paypal account : ardynugraha1996

 (Save proof of transfer in the form of photos of receipts and screenshots of proof of transfer)

 2. Contribution fee is used for e-certificate, e-book, layouting and editing.

 3. Confirm payment by sending proof of transfer to the Contact Person via WhatsApp with the format:
 Full Name_Join how many scripts?

 4. The link to submit the manuscript will be notified after confirming the payment. Participants can also register first and then send the manuscript at a later date as long as it does not cross the registration limit.

 WhatsApp Contact: 0822 8905 3107

 C. Special Terms and Conditions

 1. Manuscripts are original and their own work.
 2. The manuscript has never been submitted to any event and has never been published in any media.
 3. The manuscript does not contain elements of SARA, pornography or plagiarism.
 4. Can use bahasa or English (Please select one)
 5. Each participant may submit a maximum of 5 best works. If submitting more than 1 work, then the file is separated, 1 file contains 1 title of poetry.

 D. Manuscript Format

 1. Fill in the poem from the title to titimangsa the maximum 1 page
 2. A4 paper
 3. Times New Roman font size 12
 4. Normal margin
 5. Spacing 1.5
 6. Include the author's name under the title of the poem
 7. The order of the manuscript is in the form of the title of the poem, the name of the author, the content of the poem, the timeline, and the author's biodata. 
 9. Author's bio in narrative form (not like ID card) with a maximum of 50 words at the end of the manuscript (may be on a separate page). 
 2. Typed in Microsoft Word application or other application in .doc or .docx (Not PDF) format with file name: Author Name-Poem Title.

E. How to Submit Manuscripts

 After confirming the payment to the Contact Person via WhatsApp, participants will be given a link to send the manuscript. The link can only be filled out once, so make sure there are no errors for not accepting revisions for any reason.

 WhatsApp Contact: 0822 8905 3107

 F. Rating System

 1. Administration Selection

 This selection includes the selection of the completeness of the file and the format of the manuscript. If the manuscript does not match, then it is not entitled to proceed to the next selection, namely the evaluation of the work.

 2. Work Appraisal

 This selection includes an assessment based on the criteria we have set.

 3. Selected Author

 All participants who register regardless of their work will be included in the e-book, and become the chosen author. For this reason, participants are entitled to an E-Certificate of participants and an E-Certificate of selected authors for each title of the poem.

 G. Assessment Criteria

 - Neatness of the script
 - Diction Selection
 - Beauty of Rima
 - Content/Contained Message

 H. Timeline

 - Launching event: October 21, 2021
 - Registration Closing: November 30, 2021 at 22:00 WIB
 - Deadline for Submission of Manuscripts: November 30, 2021 at 23:59 WIB
 - Winner Announcement : December 1, 2021
 - E-Certificate Distribution: 8 December 2021
 - Distribution of Event Result E-books: December 31, 2021

I. Gift

 1. Overall Champion (1, 2, and 3):
 - Smartphones*
 with options:
 Infinix Hot 10
 Infinix hot 10s
 Infinix hot 10 play
 Infinix note 7 lite
 Redmi 9
 Redmi 9C
 Realme C15
 Realme C21
 Samsung M12
 Samsung A11
 Samsung M11
 Samsung A10s
 Oppo A1k
 Oppo A12
 Oppo A15
 Oppo F9
 - Coaching money
 - Print Champion Certificate
 - Ranked trophies
 - Gold, Silver or Bronze Medal
 - Free shipping
 - E-Certificate of contestants for each manuscript
 - E-Certificate of selected authors for each manuscript
 - 15 E-books Collection of Poetry, Short Stories, Quotes, Etc
 - Event result ebook
 - Free to participate in 2x authoring webinars
 - 2 E-Certificates webinars

 2. Rank 4 - 10:

 - Digital wallet balance
 - Rated E-Certificate
 - Participant E-Certificate for each manuscript
 - E-Certificate of selected authors for each manuscript
 - 15 E-books Collection of Poetry, Short Stories, Quotes, Etc
 - Event Result E-book
 - Free to participate in 2x authoring webinars
 - 2 E-Certificates webinars

 3. All Participants
 - Participant e-certificate for each manuscript
 - E-Certificate of selected authors for each manuscript
 - 15 E-books Collection of Poetry, Short Stories, Quotes, Etc. 
 - Ebook of event results
 - Free to join 2x Author Webinars
 - 2 E-Certificates webinars
 - Minimum of 4 E-Certificates

 4. Books in the form of E-Books from the event which will be given free of charge to all participants. All participants are also free to participate in 2 times authoring webinars.

J. Statement

 1. The decision of the committee and the jury is final.
 2. By participating in this competition, participants agree to the terms and conditions as well as the applicable rules.

 * If the target of 1000 poetry participants is met. The number of participants can be seen from the unique code that represents the order in which to register for this competition.

 Event Menulis Nasional
 Official Contact:

 WhatsApp = 082289053107
 Instagram = @eventmenulis.nasional
 YouTube = Event Menulis Nasional
 Website =

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